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Moie jewelry is produced with an attention paid to the smallest details and high quality. All Moie products are original, personally designed and manufactured from the highest quality materials. Moie designs are registered and reserved in the Patent Office. Reserved is also original Moie logotype in the form of the engraved “m”, which appears on the jewelry (on products where it is possible to engrave), which assures that the jewelry is genuine.

Moie designs are created with latest 3D technology with the usage of 3D printing. This technology gives the highest quality possible in the preparation of jewelry projects and production. Before starting sales, every product is carefully checked and corrected in Moie until it meets all of the requirements. The products, according to the finished, detailed design, are then produced and processed by a qualified team of goldsmiths. The whole process is performed 100% in Poland.

Moie jewelry is made exclusively of precious metals

– Silver 925, which is additionally silver-plated with bright silver – such coating provides shiny, white-silver appearance of the jewelry and also protection from darkening and tarnishing;

– Gold Vermeil – silver 925 with 24k gold coating with a thickness of at least 2,5μm – a combination that ensures long life of the gold plate;

– 14k Gold (Gold 585).

Moie jewelry is packed in a decorative box and a small bag. The bag is used to store jewelry, so it can maintain its value as long as possible.

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