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Can my order be sent outside the Poland?

Yes, the packages are sent by a courier service in Poland and in the European Union.

Is there a possibility of receiving an invoice?

Yes, you should fill in the appropriate box when filling out the order form.

How soon after placing an order will I receive the product?

The maximum delivery time is 19 working days as specified in the Terms & Conditions of the shop. Normally, however, after the payment has been made and credited to our account the products are delivered to the customer within 2-3 working days (in Poland), and up to 7 working days (in EU).

Can I order a piece of jewelry for someone as a gift?

Yes, when filling out the order form you can give a target delivery address. If you require a receipt or VAT invoice it can be send to a different address as well, please write this information in the remarks.

Can I return the jewelry?

The customer has the right to withdraw from the sales contract within 14 days from the delivery of the product. For more information on this subject please visit ‘Terms & Conditions’ and ‘Right to Withdraw’ tabs.

Is Moie a Polish brand? Are products manufactured in Poland?

Yes, Moie is an original jewelry designed and manufactured 100% in Poland.

Is the jewelry made of precious metals?

Yes, Moie jewelry is made only of precious metals (silver and gold).

Is the assortment in the online store similar to the one available in the Moie flagship boutique in Warsaw?

Yes, the assortment available in the boutique coincides with that available in the online store. Some unique products can be found additionally in the boutique of Moie.

Can I return purchases made in-house in the Moie boutique?

Unfortunately, the Moie boutique is not able to accept returns. The only acceptable option of assisting in unsuccessful purchases is the ability to exchange product for another product within 7 calendar days (counting from the day of purchase).

In what form will I receive purchases made in the online store?

Moie jewelry is packed in a special paper (which does not react with precious metals) and in a decorative box with the Moie logo. The set is also accompanied by a charming bag helpful in the daily storage of jewelry and taking jewelry on a journey.

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Yes, Moie jewelry is made of precious metals, and these have the right to cover with sludge or oxidize (silver and Vermeil gold are especially sensitive). Whether the sediment will occur depends on how the jewelry was used and stored. The resulting sediments can be easily removed, restoring the jewelry to its original state. The jewelry can be cleaned using appropriate means or a cloth for cleaning silver/gold jewelry. My clients can also take advantage of the free cleaning service available at the Moie boutique during store operating hours (Warsaw, Piękna 16).

Does Moie create individual projects at the client's request?

Unfortunately, Moie does not have such a service on offer. There is a possibility of individual ordering of the model available in the store, but from a different material (e.g. it is possible to order any product in a version made entirely of 14k). Detailed information is available on request, please contact us at this e-mail address:

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