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jewelry care

1. In order to maintain the best quality of jewelry we recommend to it store in a special bag that you receive from us, along with jewelry. Each piece of jewelry should be stored separately in an independent bag.
2. Jewelry does not like water – therefore you should prevent it from coming into contact with water (e.g. shower, swimming in the pool). Jewelry should also be stored in a dry place – it is advisable not to keep the jewelry in the bathroom, where there is a constant high humidity.
3. Keep jewelry away from contact with chemicals, cosmetics and detergents. Especially watch out for contact with perfumes, deodorants and hair cosmetics. Also bare in mind that jewelry does not like contact with an excessive sweat – avoid participating in sport while wearing your jewelry.
4. Jewelry should be cleaned with a soft and delicate cloth, in order not scratch its delicate surface.
5. Keep in mind that coated jewelry like gold vermeil or silver with gold/silver plate rubs naturally. Taking proper care of jewelry helps to maintain it perfect condition for a long time.

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